3-D SPACE Stereoscopic Museum


Captured by: JSEA Vision

Discover the Magic of 3-D at 3D SPACE: The Ultimate Destination for Stereoscopic Art & Science!

Step into the amazing world of 3-D at 3-D SPACE, a one-of-a-kind non-profit arts organization in Los Angeles! Dedicated to preserving the fascinating history of stereoscopic imaging and propelling the future of 3-D arts and sciences, 3-D SPACE is your go-to place for all things three-dimensional.

Founded in 2014 by professional stereoscopic photographer and 3-D enthusiast Eric Kurland, 3-D SPACE offers a unique blend of museum, gallery, theater, library, and classroom experiences. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned 3-D fan, there’s so much to explore and learn about the art and science of stereography and its cutting-edge digital applications.

The immersive experience doesn’t stop there! Dive into the mesmerizing world of 3-D movies in our theater, or browse through our extensive collection of 3-D books, films, and other media. With the support of our dedicated Board of Directors and advisors, we’ve been granted 501(c)3 tax-exempt status as we continue to grow and evolve.

But we need YOUR help to ensure the future of this incredible museum! By making a donation, you’ll not only be supporting an important educational and artistic institution but also be part of a community that celebrates the magic of 3-D. Join us today in our mission to preserve and advance the awe-inspiring world of stereoscopic art and science at 3-D SPACE!


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