Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

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The Alan Klinkhoff Gallery has been in business for over fifty years and is one of the leading commercial art galleries in Canada. The gallery represents a number of wellestablished Canadian and international artists, who create contemporary realist art in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, and photography. The Alan Klinkhoff Gallery seeks to promote the work of its artists by organizing exhibitions, providing support for art education and public outreach, and collaborating with other arts organizations. The gallery also provides a forum for critical dialogue about the role of realism in contemporary art. The Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is committed to providing a high level of service to its clients, whether they are purchasing art for their homes or businesses, or building their collections. The gallery staff is knowledgeable and experienced in art appraisal, art installation, and art transportation.


Chili Thom

Created by: RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate Whistler

Michael “Chili” Thom (1976 – 2016) was a man of the mountains. A wilderness guide turned artist, he was always happiest and most comfortable when he was out exploring in nature. Teaching himself to paint at age 20, Chili found a way to take the emotion and majesty of the landscapes he loved, mostly from his home in British Columbia, and translate it onto the canvas.

Completing over 400 original pieces over his 20-year career, Chili loved to play with color, motion and the passage of time in his work.

When Chili Thom passed over to the other side in November 2016, he left a legacy. His creative spirit and enthusiasm for life inspired us to get outside, to make things happen, and to enjoy each moment spent with friends, especially out amid the power and beauty of the forests, coastlines, and mountains that he loved.

“Nature has given me a lifetime of inspiration,” Chili once said. “In just a few decades, I have seen how mankind has damaged our planet at an exponential rate. I love snow. I love clean water, fresh air, wild animals. There come’s a point where you have to look inside yourself and ask, ‘What am I willing to sacrifice to protect something that has given me the life of my dreams?'”

As an artist, Chili was known for his colorful land and seascapes, painted in layers of bright colors and featuring his distinctive, signature style. His art transports the viewer to remote places of incredible natural beauty. “In nature,” Chili believed, “there are a lot of challenges you have to power through. You suffer out a storm, or a long slog up to a summit, but you are always rewarded with something beautiful.”  Beloved throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, he was named Whistler’s “Best Artist” in the Best of Whistler poll for the 14th time in a row in 2016, and post-humously was voted “Favourite Whistlerite” for 2016. (Chili Thom Studio)

Captured by: RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate Whistler

MV Polar Prince

Captured by: ExploraTerra

CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert was a Canadian Coast Guard light icebreaker and now a privately owned Arctic icebreaker Polar Prince. The ship entered service with the Department of Transport Marine Service in 1959 and transferred to the newly created Canadian Coast Guard in 1962, active until 1986. The icebreaker was sold to private interests in Newfoundland and the ship sat idle after 2001 until resold in 2009 to GTX Technology Canada Limited and renamed Polar Prince. Rebuilt, the icebreaker is now plying the waters of the Arctic Ocean. In 2017, the vessel was temporarily rechristened Canada C3 and used for a high-profile voyage around Canada’s three maritime coasts as part of the nation’s 150th anniversary. In 2002, the icebreaker was sold to Puddister Trading Co. Ltd of St. John’s and renamed Polar Prince. In 2002, the vessel was acquired by Star Line Inc. In 2005, the vessel was laid up at Clarenville, Newfoundland, and Labrador and put up for sale by Star Line on eBay. The vessel was later sold to GX Technologies of Calgary, Alberta in 2009 and modernized. (Wikipedia)

Miguasha National Park

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Miguasha National Park is a protected area near Carleton-sur-Mer on the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec in Canada. Created in 1985 by the Government of Quebec, Miguasha was designated a World Heritage Site in 1999 in recognition of its wealth of fossils, which display a crucial time during the evolution of life on Earth. Other names for this site are the Miguasha Fossil Site, the Bay of Escuminac Fossil Site, the Upper Devonian Escuminac Formation, and the Hugh-Miller Cliffs. It is also sometimes referred to on fossil specimens as ‘Scaumenac Bay’ or ‘Scaumenac Bay P.Q.’ (Wikipedia)