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3D walk-through and 360 camera technologies are quickly becoming the default in the real estate marketing business. Bill Brown, the CEO of Matterport, says in an interview it’s been estimated that virtual viewing is so popular that as many as 1 in 3  home buyers buy a home they have not seen in real life. 

3D models and related Virtual Reality apps are also a great way to share educational content digitally around the world. Think about school kids being able to tour historical sites and museums virtually from their classrooms. Meet HistoryView VR, a Boston, MA based service educating the future with Virtual Reality field trips.

“HistoryView VR is the educational platform for teachers and students to access 3D Virtual Reality Field Trips powered by Matterport Service Partners. HistoryView is educating the future by preserving the past through virtual reality. Using the power of the Internet, students are able to visit historical sites and museum exhibits in school as if they are actually there!” Says Brian Lyra, Co-Founder & CEO of HistoryView, LLC and a professional 3D VR photographer for InvelopNow, a Matterport Service Partner.

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From Classroom to Field Trip – Virtually

Together with Elizabeth Benoit, a Massachusetts elementary school history teacher with a passion for equal education, Brian has built an impressive library of museums, art galleries, monuments and historical heritage sites for students to visit. Teachers use HistoryView VR Field Trip Program as a tool to bring historical sites and museums to students. For example, check out this “how to” by Steven Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation across the JESS Dubai schools in Dubai, UAE. Listen to a segment of the podcast:

HistoryView was selected among Top 10 VR Educational Apps: For Fun & Immersive Learning by GetVR, and Best 15 free Virtual Reality apps for education by VUDream.

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We Need You: Participate, Donate, Suggest New Sites

As Mark Twain put it, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. Let’s help our kids travel the world from their classrooms and home computers.

If you are a Matterport Service Provider (MSP), get in touch with HistoryView.  They are continuously adding new MSPs to join the network to be contacted for future projects. If you are a teacher, a historian, or have an interesting site to be added to the list, feel free to suggest local sites of interest.


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