HistoryView VR

Digitizing Spaces To Educate The Public And Increasing The Accessibility Of A Location 

Teachers use HistoryView VR as an online tool to bring historical sites and museums to the classroom. VR headsets are not required to experience this program. It is available on Chromebooks and tablets.

HistoryView VR has been featured on edtech consultant, Jaime Donally’s, ARVRinEDU weekly Twitter chat. Steven Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation across the JESS Dubai schools in Dubai, UAE, wrote this “how-to” for teachers.

Most noteworthy, HistoryView was selected among Top 10 VR Educational Apps: For Fun & Immersive Learning by GetVR, Best 15 free Virtual Reality apps for education by VUDream, and 5 Worthwhile Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools by Edutopia.

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