What are Matterport 3D virtual tours?


Matterport 3D is essentially an application that allows you to create high-quality 3D videos of any space. In the real estate industry, Matterport 3D virtual tours have transformed the way interested home buyers or tenants get to view a property before moving in.

Matterport Tours are the most immersive and engaging way to experience real-world places straight from your web browser. Virtual reality takes this sense of immersion to the next level by blocking everything else and making users feel like they’re really there. Matterport VR offers users a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience that gives viewers a realistic sense of actually being at your location anytime day or night! Turn your 3D Virtual Tour into a Virtual Reality experience for your viewers in one easy step by adding this option to your cart.

A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour takes the traditional virtual tour to a whole new level offering a fully interactive, completely immersive 3D experience. Users are able to gain a real world perspective of your business or residential/commercial space through the navigation of your space Step By Step, floor by floor. Matterport Tours can be embedded on your own website, shared across your social media platforms and integrated into your Google Business Listing completely discoverable when searching the web. The Matterport walk-through experience invites visitors to learn more about your business and the services you provide in a fun and unique way.

Matterport is a leading 3D virtual tour solution for a reason. It offers individual users and enterprises a wide array of features that meet their needs. For instance, it enables collaboration through the Matterport Notes feature. It also allows users to capture 3D scans using their mobile phones, thanks to the power of AI. In addition to providing 3D virtual tour services, Matterport has pivoted towards being a data company, providing spatial intelligence to its customers. With this article, we hope that you have learned everything there is to know about Matterport.

Matterport’s 3D and VR photography solutions bring listings to life. A Matterport 3D virtual tour adds amazing value. With one shoot, you get all the benefits of incredible photos and the power to immerse home buyers in the experience of a property so they can create both an emotional and intellectual connection with the property.

Virtual home tours are a popular way to showcase a rental property. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made virtual touring a necessary ingredient to success. Using these models allows the viewer free reign to explore the property from the comfort and safety of their own home. Essentially, this creates a 24/7 open house! That said, Matterport is an industry leader in the capturing and optimization of 3D model tours. Let’s take a look below at the benefits of Matterport and how using virtual tours can elevate your marketing to the next level.

According to a 2021 Consumer Housing Trends Report by real estate intelligence company Zillow, 68% of home buyers agreed completely or somewhat that 3D virtual tours would give them a better feel of the house than 2D photos. Furthermore, 61% of individuals looking to buy homes wished more listings had 3D virtual tours. With its market-leading virtual tour solution, Matterport aims to fill this gap as well as other digital transformation opportunities beyond real estate, as we will detail later on in this article discussing everything you need to know about Matterport. Specifically, we will explore what Matterport is, its history, product features, capabilities, pricing, as well as the industries this solution serves. Let’s get started.

In 2017, HistoryView was one of the first players to offer the Matterport 3D tour in the USA. Matterport is currently the most advanced technology on the market for virtual tours. It is the only solution that integrates 3D modeling with the 360° virtual tour.

Matterport makes it incredibly easy to create 3D virtual tours for real estate. Many agents choose to purchase a Pro2 Camera and Cloud hosting package and do the 3D capture themselves, or share the camera among agents in their brokerage. Learning to capture a space in 3D takes minutes and requires no professional photography experience.

Matterport software can accommodate a variety of different sized spaces, from cottages or apartments to entire homes, hotels and office buildings, or factories. It also allows you to customize your 3D tours by adding your own branding to the images and models.

How do Matterport 3D virtual tours work?

A Matterport Tour uses infrared scanning technology to collect accurate visual and spatial data in order to create a fully interactive 3D representation of an existing space. Upon completion of scanning your property, we upload your 3D Virtual Tour scans to the Cloud, where powerful algorithms go to work processing your real-world data into an immersive 3D Virtual Walk-Through, ready to access from anywhere in the world. Your beautiful, fully immersive 3D Virtual Tour is easily distributed using in-browser tools.

The Matterport Cortex software does all the heavy lifting from there and lets you know when the link to your 3D space is ready. From here, you can share it via your marketing channels. It is now quick and easy to harness the benefits that having a Virtual tour of your property brings you – saving you time and money. In fact, it even helps you make a little bit more money faster.

Auto-Play mode can be accessed by clicking on the play button at the bottom left hand corner of your tour. When you hit the play button, depending on the settings established between you and your Matterport Service Provider, you will either be taken through a walking/fly-through type of experience through the various rooms in the space or simply given a slideshow experience comprised of the images seen at the bottom of the tour in what’s called the highlight reel. In either type of Auto-Play mode, you can stop at any location in the tour at any time simply by clicking anywhere in the screen.

According to Matterport, 95% of people are more likely to inquire about a property that has a virtual tour as part of its listing than properties that don’t. What is more, 74% of estate agents who use Matterport win more listings than realtors who don’t.

Using the Matterport Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API), 3DAPARTMENT enables visitors to purchase staged furniture or artwork with a click of the button. It also powers virtual open houses, where each visitor is portrayed as an avatar in the digital twin and can communicate in real timewith the real estate agent, mirroring the warm, personable interactions that would have taken place in person.

You can use a 3D camera, a 360° spherical camera, a lidar camera, or even your iPhone or iPad to scan the space. Once the space is scanned, Matterport’s Cortex AI platform goes to work to transform the scans into an interactive 3D model. The platform recognizes objects and stitches your images together to produce an immersive virtual tour that you can then edit and add to your property listings.

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