Revolutionizing Education: A Comprehensive Review of HistoryView VR


by Nicholas Clayton As a special education teacher in Victorville, CA, I work with 4th-6th grade students who come from low-income families. Many of them have never traveled outside of our town, let alone our state or country. That’s why I’m always looking for new technology that can help bring the world to my classroom. […]

Enhance Your Virtual Field Trip Experience with Histora: ChatGPT AI Teacher Assistant, Historian, and Tour Guide on HistoryView

EdTech is excited to announce its integration with ChatGPT AI called Histora, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that will enhance the virtual field trip experience for teachers and students. As a teacher assistant, historian, and tour guide all rolled into one, Histora is designed to answer user’s questions and provide additional information about historical sites […]

Exploring the Benefits for Museums, Art Galleries, Historical Sites, and Educators


MATTERPORT Matterport is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in creating immersive 3D experiences. Its platform enables users to create detailed digital representations of physical spaces, such as museums, art galleries, historical sites, and educational institutions. In this article, we will delve into how Matterport’s technology can benefit these types of institutions. CAMERA Matterport’s platform […]

What is

EdTech offers a virtual reality field trip program that allows teachers to take their students on immersive, interactive tours of historical locations and events. The program uses state-of-the-art technology to transport students to different time periods and places, allowing them to experience history in a way that is engaging and interactive. Through the program, teachers […]

5 Reasons Art Galleries Create Virtual Tours with HistoryView

EdTech VR Field Trip

Are you an artist or art gallery looking to expand your reach and showcase your work to a wider audience? Look no further than HistoryView’s virtual tour services. With a virtual tour, you can promote your work, educate viewers, and enhance your branding in a cost-effective and convenient way. Here are 5 reasons why art […]

Top 10 Reasons Museums Create A Virtual Tour with HistoryView

VR Field Trip

Virtual tours of museums have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing people from all over the world to explore a museum’s collection without leaving their homes. Here are 10 reasons why museums should create a virtual tour with HistoryView: Reach a Wider Audience: A virtual tour allows museums to reach people all over the […]

What are 10 key points teachers should know about educational virtual tours?


Discover the top 10 key points that teachers should know about educational virtual tours, and how they can provide an immersive and engaging learning experience for students of all ages: Engaging Learning Experience: Educational virtual tours can provide an engaging and immersive learning experience that can help students grasp complex topics. Replace or Supplement Traditional […]

Show off Your Love for 360-Degree Photography with Our Swag Store

EdTech Photography

Are you a fan of 360-degree photography? Do you love capturing moments in all their glory and sharing them with the world? If so, we have just the thing for you! Introducing our swag store, where you can show off your passion for 360-degree photography in style. At 360-Photographer, we’re dedicated to promoting and supporting […]

Memory Recall and the Role of Virtual Reality


For thousands of years, humans have used technology to aid their recall of information. From paper and pen to digital media, virtual reality (VR) stands at the pinnacle. While most people know VR as a tool for playing games or experiencing 3D videos, researchers worldwide have recognized its vast educational applications, specifically when it comes […]

Guest Blog: Do virtual tours add value to children’s education?


Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Many organizations, as well as companies, are opting for a virtual tour. However, are virtual tours helpful in children’s education as well? Do they add any value to children’s education? We will answer these questions and justify our answers as well. Do virtual tours add value to children’s […]

Case Study: Northfield Public Schools Monitors Construction and Showcases New Buildings Safely and Remotely with Matterport


Northfield Public Schools Northfield, Minnesota Remote construction progress monitoring Virtual “open house” and community tours Improved facilities maintenance Excellence in Education Minnesota has long been a leader in public education with many school districts earning top marks compared to other districts across the United States. Northfield Public Schools, located less than an hour from Minneapolis–Saint […]

Explore History and Space Like Never Before with HistoryView and Theta.TV

VR Field Trip

 Are you a history buff or a space enthusiast looking for new ways to experience your passion? Look no further than HistoryView and Theta.TV! At HistoryView, we are dedicated to bringing history to life through our immersive virtual reality experiences. But now, we’re taking our mission even further by partnering with Theta.TV to offer […]

Enhancing the Classroom Experience with Matterport Pro2 3D Camera


As an educator, you know the importance of experiential learning and how it can help your students retain information better. One way to enhance the learning experience is through travel, but unfortunately, not everyone can travel to different parts of the world. That’s where Matterport Pro2 3D Camera comes in. It allows you to capture […]

Exploring Forgiveness, Identity, and Heritage Through the Lens of Multicultural Artists: A Virtual Tour of the ‘Elongated Shadows’ Exhibition


In the heart of Lower Manhattan, New York, apexart is a non-profit organization that aims to challenge conventional beliefs about art, exhibitions, and curation. By showcasing the works of both emerging and established artists, its seasoned curators select some of the most striking and thought-provoking works of our time. This Fall, apexart is presenting the […]

Bring on the Heat with a Virtual Fire Station Field Trip


Explore Every Inch of Fire Engines, Ambulances, and Rescue Boats Galore | October 21, 2020 While the grade school field trip to a fire station may be the most recent visit for many, The Duxbury Fire Department in Duxbury, Massachusetts has brought its fire station virtual and lets visitors experience what it’s like to be a first […]

Don’t Cancel Your Museum Field Trip


Explore and Learn with Matterport 3D Virtual Tours Matterport Editorial Team – March 30, 2020 Even though we’re spending more time at home these days, there are clever ways to see the world without having to travel. Attractions that draw thousands of visitors each day are being explored virtually through digital twins captured with Matterport. We […]

Virtual Reality Museum Tours Coming To Texas Classrooms

EdTech VR Field Trip

Written by Elizabeth Parrish KUT Austin – NPR Coming to a museum near you…virtual reality tours. Boston-based is partnering with the Texas-based Metroplex360 to create 3D tours of museums, art galleries, historic sites and more. Brian and Elizabeth, the co-founders of, came up with the idea when Brian was a real estate photographer […]

HistoryView VR is Expanding its’ VR Field Trip Program


by Students worldwide are exploring many unique places from all corners of the world through the VR Field Trip program. The service is being offered by HistoryView VR as a means of bringing students to special sites that they might not normally have easy access to. With the HistoryView, students can explore many places […]

HistoryView VR visits Vermont

VR Field Trip

Powered by VeeR HistoryView VR captures Vermont State Capital This 360° video shows Brian, CoFounder of, taking a 360° photo with a Matterport 3D camera – take the tour here: If you know of any local museums, art galleries, or historical heritage sites please contact us ASAP. HistoryView VR captures Cornish – Windsor Covered […]

CampusTours Integrates Matterport’s Immersive Media Technology to Create True3D™ Tour Experiences


March 27, 2018 CampusTours Integrates Matterport’s Immersive Media Technology to Create True3D™ Tour Experiences Auburn, ME [March 28, 2018] CampusTours Inc. ( announced today that all three CampusTours products (AnyMap, AnyTour & WalkingTour) will now integrate with Matterport (, an immersive media technology company, to create True3D™ tour experiences for their University clients. Matterport’s True3D™ walkthroughs are fully immersive, and […]

HistoryView AR


Augmented Reality Guided Tours   Our partner, Matterport, has announced plans to develop an augmented reality (AR) offering which will allow users to access compelling AR experiences that help people navigate real-world spaces, offering them an ability to better understand the highlights and features of a space. Matterport’s AR offering will be used in a variety […]

Maine Department of Education: VR Immersive Expo


 #ImmerseME There have been many advances in technology that can provide educators with the tools to facilitate deeper learning of complex concepts, and provide students with a more immersive learning experience. To help facilitate a better understanding of these tools and to bring Maine educators to the forefront of innovative education delivery, the Maine […]

Our Incredible Experience at NASA: 360-Degree Footage of ULA Atlas V Rocket Launch OA7

VR Field Trip

Our team was invited to NASA! Here is a link to our 360-degree NASA Social: ULA Atlas V Rocket Launch OA7 ( featured by Visbit. Have you ever dreamed of going to space? Well, our team had the opportunity to experience a little taste of it recently when we were invited to NASA for a […]

History Camp 2017


We showcased HistoryView Virtual Field Trip Platform at Suffolk University during History Camp 2017 We also made a recording of “A Revolution of Her Own! The True Story of the American Heroine Deborah Samson [Sampson]” — Judith Kalaora, Founder & Artistic Director of History At Play (on Twitter @HistoryAtPlay, Instagram @HistoryAtPlay, and Facebook @HistoryAtPlay). Deborah Sampson, the first woman to […]

Zoo Labs


December 8, 2015 Explore This! Turn up the volume and immerse yourself in Zoo Labs, a non-profit music accelerator that invests and explores the artistic nature of music! Zoo Lab’s 8,000 square foot facility in Oakland, California, includes three recording studios, three design spaces, a creative work environment, and a rotating art exhibit. Their 12-day intensive […]

Climb Inside the Belly of these WWII-Era Bombers


May 21, 2015 Harold Plunkett pauses in the center section of the Collings Foundation B-17 and places his hand on the ball turret gun, suspended in its belly. “Yup, I was killed twice here, over Italy, a couple of weeks apart.”   Kids from the X-Box generation, accustomed to battling imaginary foes in worlds where you can […]