HistoryView VR Classroom Review by Mr. Clayton


by Nicholas Clayton I am a special education teacher with a classroom of 4-6th graders in Victorville, CA. I have students that are all on free lunch, many with single parents, parents on disability, working two or more jobs each, and many of them have never had the opportunity to leave town, let alone our […]

Virtual Reality Museum Tours Coming To Texas Classrooms

EdTech VR Field Trip

Written by Elizabeth Parrish KUT Austin – NPR Coming to a museum near you…virtual reality tours. Boston-based is partnering with the Texas-based Metroplex360 to create 3D tours of museums, art galleries, historic sites and more. Brian and Elizabeth, the co-founders of, came up with the idea when Brian was a real estate photographer […]

HistoryView VR is Expanding its’ VR Field Trip Program


by Students worldwide are exploring many unique places from all corners of the world through the VR Field Trip program. The service is being offered by HistoryView VR as a means of bringing students to special sites that they might not normally have easy access to. With the HistoryView, students can explore many places […]