Revolutionizing Education: A Comprehensive Review of HistoryView VR


by Nicholas Clayton

DWvBozHV4AAvBZuAs a special education teacher in Victorville, CA, I work with 4th-6th grade students who come from low-income families. Many of them have never traveled outside of our town, let alone our state or country. That’s why I’m always looking for new technology that can help bring the world to my classroom. I serve as a technology coach for my district and share the latest tools and resources with my Professional Development network.

About a year and a half ago, I discovered a fantastic website called that has transformed my teaching. Unlike many virtual field trip programs, HistoryView provides my students with access to museums and landmarks that they would never have the chance to visit in person. Throughout the school year, my students can explore historical sites using different devices and software. With Chromebooks, we’ve been able to take 360-degree field trips through the civil rights exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. It’s incredible that students can read the plaques in the museum and get an in-depth tour just through a web 360 picture. Using our VR devices, we’ve also been able to experience walking through the Rosa Parks bus and understand the historical significance that sparked the civil rights movement. This lesson has been a crucial moment in my teaching career because many of my students connect with the struggle for human rights in their own lives.

HistoryView is an incredible teaching tool that is available for free. The website has interactive elements, hot spots with website information, and videos that guide students through historical heritage sites. My students are always excited to take another virtual field trip, and I am continuously exploring new sites for us to visit. I’m grateful that HistoryView brings these experiences to my classroom, and I will continue to use and recommend it to other teachers. In fact, I have shared it with thousands of educators through my Professional Development events. Thank you, HistoryView, for making such a significant impact on my school year!

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