HistoryView VR is Expanding its’ VR Field Trip Program


Exploring the World with HistoryView VR Field Trips

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Students all over the globe are embarking on incredible journeys to unique destinations from every corner of the world, thanks to the VR Field Trip program offered by HistoryView VR. This innovative service is designed to transport students to special sites they might not otherwise have easy access to.

A New Way to See the World With HistoryView, students have the opportunity to explore numerous locations worldwide. The VR experience offers a special way to view the world, creating an immersive environment that makes learning enjoyable. What sets HistoryView apart is its ability to expand the field trip experience beyond the local spaces students typically visit.

Seeking Contributors HistoryView is actively seeking individuals who can scan museums, historic sites, and other places of interest. The goal is to include a wider variety of locations, supporting an even greater number of virtual field trips for students to enjoy and explore.

How It Works The HistoryView VR program enables students to travel to remarkable destinations worldwide right from their classrooms. Technicians equipped with Matterport cameras scan indoor and outdoor environments, creating three-dimensional reality models that transport students to some of the most exciting places on Earth.

Students don VR goggles linked to the HistoryView app, allowing them to move around and explore different places in a fully immersive environment. Scenes change as students navigate the virtual area, providing a firsthand view of what makes each location special.

Current Destinations The VR Field Trip program offers experiences in a wide range of places on all continents, including museums, caverns, school sites, statues, memorials, and major parks.

Visitors to historyview.org can discover the numerous places currently covered in the program, categorized to cater to various interests. Students can visit LeBron James’ high school gym in Ohio, explore the Mercedes-Benz Museum of South Africa, admire the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and tour art galleries like Christie’s Auction House in Hong Kong, all from the comfort of their classroom.

Contributions Welcome HistoryView is actively seeking Matterport Service Partners to assist in scanning art galleries, historic sites, classrooms, and other noteworthy locations. The new experiences facilitated by HistoryView aim to inspire students to learn more about the world around them.

HistoryView constantly adds new field trip destinations based on public suggestions and contributions from contractors who can assist. Matterport Service Partners are encouraged to contact HistoryView to join the network and create new VR tours, allowing students to explore even more remarkable places.

For those interested in contributing to new field trips for HistoryView, additional details can be found at historyview.org. You can also reach out directly to the CEO of HistoryView at historyview.org@gmail.com. The group eagerly welcomes new ideas and suggestions for trips and activities that showcase the world’s uniqueness. The ultimate goal of HistoryView is to transport students to exciting places across the globe. Discover more at www.historyview.org.

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