Our Incredible Experience at NASA: 360-Degree Footage of ULA Atlas V Rocket Launch OA7

VR Field Trip

Exploring Space with 360-Photographer: Our NASA Adventure


Ever dreamed of space travel? Well, our team had the privilege of experiencing a taste of it when we received a special invitation from NASA. We were part of a 360-degree NASA Social event, and it was truly out of this world!

What’s NASA Social? For those unfamiliar, NASA Social is an exclusive program that offers space enthusiasts and social media followers the unique opportunity to attend NASA events and engage with NASA personnel. It’s a fantastic way to connect with fellow space enthusiasts and gain insights into NASA’s groundbreaking work.

The ULA Atlas V Rocket Launch OA7 Event At the ULA Atlas V Rocket Launch OA7 event, we had the chance to witness a rocket launch in stunning 360-degree video. Thanks to our team’s expertise in 360-degree photography, we captured the launch from multiple angles, providing viewers with the sensation of standing right on the launchpad. It was an awe-inspiring experience that will forever be etched in our memories.

Sharing the Experience And the best part? We’ve shared this remarkable 360-degree NASA Social footage on our website. You can immerse yourself in the excitement by visiting this link. We’re thrilled to announce that our work was also featured by Visbit, a leading company in immersive media technology. It’s incredibly rewarding to have our efforts recognized by industry leaders in this field.

Our Passion for 360-Degree Photography At 360-Photographer, we’re passionate about promoting and supporting the art of 360-degree photography. Our collaboration with NASA serves as a testament to this commitment. By sharing this footage, we hope to inspire others to chase their dreams and explore the world in new and exhilarating ways.

Thank you for joining us on our remarkable journey with NASA. We invite you to enjoy our 360-degree NASA Social footage, and who knows – perhaps one day, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into space yourself!

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