Springfield Museum: The Body Adorned – Artistry and Legacy of the Ancient Americas


The Springfield Museum’s latest exhibition, “The Body Adorned – Artistry and Legacy of the Ancient Americas,” opened to the public on October 1st, 2019. The exhibit features a variety of pre-Columbian artifacts from Central and South America, spanning a time period of over 1,000 years.

The exhibition begins with a section on the Olmec civilization, which flourished in present-day Mexico from about 1200 BCE to 400 BCE. The Olmec were renowned for their carved stone sculptures, which depict both human and animal figures. Also on display are a number of ceramic vessels, including one in the shape of a human head, which was used in Olmec rituals.

The second section of the exhibit focuses on the Maya civilization, which flourished in present-day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras from about 1000 BCE to 1500 CE. The Maya were skilled artisans, and their crafts include pottery, textile, and stonework. On display are a number of Maya artifacts, including a painted vase, a jade necklace, and a stone sculpture of a Great Jaguar Priest.

The third section of the exhibit explores the art of the Inca Empire, which was located in present-day Peru and Bolivia and flourished from about 1400 CE to 1533 CE. The Inca were expert goldsmiths and silversmiths, and their jewelry was both beautiful and symbolic. On display are a number of Inca artifacts, including a gold pendant, a silver ring, and a gold mask.

The fourth and final section of the exhibit features a variety of pre-Columbian artifacts from Central and South America, ranging in date from the Early Formative Period (c. 1500 BCE) to the Post-Classic Period (c. 1200 CE). These artifacts include ceramic vessels, stone sculptures, and gold and silver jewelry.

The Springfield Museum’s “The Body Adorned – Artistry and Legacy of the Ancient Americas” exhibition provides a fascinating glimpse into the art and culture of the Olmec, Maya, and Inca civilizations. This exhibit is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the rich history and legacy of the ancient Americas.

Chilean National Museum of Natural History

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The Chilean National Museum of Natural History is one of three national museums in Chile, along with the Museum of Fine Arts and the National History Museum. It is located in Quinta Normal Park. Wikipedia

Easter Island

Easter Island is an island and special territory of Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania. Easter Island is most famous for its nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people. In 1995, UNESCO named Easter Island a World Heritage Site, with much of the island protected within Rapa Nui National Park. It is believed that Easter Island’s Polynesian inhabitants arrived on Easter Island sometime near 1200 AD. They created a thriving and industrious culture, as evidenced by the island’s numerous enormous stone moai and other artifacts. However, land clearing for cultivation and the introduction of the Polynesian rat led to gradual deforestation. By the time of European arrival in 1722, the island’s population was estimated to be 2,000–3,000. (Wikipedia)
Region: Valparaíso
Province: Isla de Pascua
Commune: Isla de Pascua

Art Lima 2019

Art Lima is an annual contemporary art fair in Lima, Peru. It is one of the largest art fairs in Latin America and showcases the work of artists from all over the world. This year, the fair will take place from May 2326, 2019.

Art Lima 2018

Lima, Peru will be hostingArt Lima 2018 from November 14. This will be the ninth edition of the event, which is Peru‘s only international art fair.Art Lima 2018 will feature over 80 galleries from around the world, as well as a number of project spaces, artist talks, and another programming. This year‘s edition will have a special focus on Latin American artists.

Warao Indians

The Warao Indians live in the valley of the Orinoco river. Boats are the main mean of transport for the Warao: there is not so much land in the places they inhabit. The delta of the river is mainly a swamp with mangrove forests…

New 7 Wonders of the World

New 7 Wonders of the World was a campaign started in 2000 to choose Wonders of the World from a selection of 200 existing monuments. The popularity poll was led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organized by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland, with winners announced on 7 July 2007 in Lisbon. Wikipedia

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is the world‘s largest tropical rainforest, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru, and other South American countries. The Amazon is home to a tremendous amount of biodiversity, with thousands of different plant and animal species living in the rainforest. The Amazon is also home to many rivers, including the powerful Amazon River. towns along the river, such as Manaus and Belém in Brazil and Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado in Peru, boast 19thcentury architecture from the rubber boom days.