Allandale Mansion


Discover the captivating history of Allandale, a key East Tennessee landmark that has been intertwined with Kingsport’s story over the last century. We’ve curated an engaging collection of fun facts and fascinating tales to help you appreciate the rich heritage of this remarkable place.

Allandale’s stunning grounds were brought to life under the watchful eye of Timashenko, a landscape architect who once worked for President Dwight Eisenhower. The talented Mr. Wassum, who also landscaped parts of the White House, was responsible for arranging and planting the boxwoods and formal gardens. Remarkably, Allandale Mansion was designed to preserve centuries-old trees and even more impressive foliage was imported to enhance the property’s beauty.

The estate also features two picturesque ponds which were initially dug for fire protection but now serve as gorgeous additions to the landscape. Original plans even included a luxurious swimming pool adorned with Grecian columns and statues.

Over the years, Allandale has continued to flourish with new plants like dogwoods, magnolias, crepe myrtles, azaleas, boxwoods, and rhododendron being added to the back garden. A touching tribute to Elise Brice Bourne’s dedication to the Friends of Allandale is commemorated through a beautiful formal rose garden planted by her husband and friends.

The most recent addition to Allandale is the mesmerizing “Heron Dome,” donated by Dr. Harry Coover and his family in memory of his late wife, Mrs. Muriel Zumbach Coover. This serene spot features a bronze heron sculpture in a shallow pool and is surrounded by benches, landscaping, and lighting for evening events. The “Dome” serves as a versatile space for gatherings or simply as a peaceful refuge for those seeking solace in nature’s splendor.

Embark on a journey through time at Allandale and uncover its captivating history as it unfolds before your eyes.

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