Bunker WN-62


Almost at the very eastern end of Omaha beach, just below the American Cemetery is Wn62 a German strong point. These strong points were located all along the Atlantic Wall as a first line of defense against an attack by the Allies. No two strong points were the same, each one being designed for the location and also with what equipment was available.
WN62 had as its major armament two 75 mm cannon housed in H669 casemates. These are bizarre as it would seem that the camouflage  is on the interior of the casemate and not the outside. One of the guns had been moved away from the site by D-day.
They were aimed along the beach to the west and had large concrete walls protruding to the seaward side at the front to protect then from an attack directly from the front.
Although the Germans manning the guns were billeted in the village a house nearby was used to feed the troops and allowed them to rest whilst on guard here.
There were two small bunkers used to house ammunition .
Two larger bunkers, served to house ammunition, and in times of bombardments
personnel, which the nearer D-day approached the more bombardments were received.
Various machine gun posts  were also installed and it is typical of the Atlantik Wall defenses that various calibre’s were thought to be in use here. There was also an anti tank gun and an 50 mm mortar mounted in a Tobruk. In common with most strong points there was a small fire control post or observation bunker to keep watch over the sea.
Before the casemates  were completed the cannons were mounted on concrete platforms.


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