The story of one bedroom – an exhibition

Captured By: Ponte Records

We cordially invite you to the exhibition  THE STORY OF ONE BEDROOM, which is dedicated to the end of the war 75 years ago.

The story is told by an ordinary bedroom from the 1930s about the difficult times of its owners, German and Czech families. Prepared by the museum library in cooperation with the furniture curator of the Regional Museum and Gallery in Most, after Alena and Diana Kvapilových, Miroslav Vrba.

It will run from 2 June to 25 October 2020.

Information about the exhibition: The Museum Library, represented by Alena Kvapilová and Diana Kvapilová, in collaboration with the curator of the furniture collection Miroslav Vrba, prepared a small exhibition in the form of a story of memories of an ordinary bedroom from the 1930s. The authors of the exhibition drew on materials from Jaroslav Drbohlav, the Laviček family archive, and the Jana Foukalová photo archive. The exhibition is conceived as the story of a bedroom that tells the difficult times of its owners – the family of the German businessman Karel Kraus, who became famous as a manufacturer of children’s sponge cakes and in 1945 committed suicide with his whole family and subsequently the couple Laviček, who returned from a concentration camp and bought this bedroom for their new home: “… I liked my owners … Just thinking about the troubled destinies of both families I belonged to would it be nice if they didn’t have to experience their sad stories. The first was happy and ended sadly, the second on the contrary … “

“I didn’t tell you my story to feel sorry for me, but to learn from it.”

The exhibition takes place from 2 June to 25 October 2020, without opening. 


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