Monet Experience and the Impressionists


Monet Experience and the Impressionists, the new Crossmedia Group production, is a virtual and experience-based journey of enchanting images and sounds. A sensorial immersion inside the masterpieces of the painter who thrilled his audience as no-one else before for en plein air painting, expressing the beauty of nature in the unique moment of its own revelation. These works by the Great Master and other major Impressionist exponents appear now, released from canvas and frames, developed in a 360° environment on the huge screens and the architectures of our prestigious location, Santo Stefano al Ponte.
An evocative narration, taking shape from the multi-media installations in the introductory section, materializes in the 3D perceptional adventure of the Oculus and culminates in the real, actual immersive experience.


Modo Comunicazione is offering a conception of Virtual Reality applied to our Monet Experience world.
Thanks to Oculus VR access points the audience may live the experience of entering as protagonist inside the landscapes reinvented and painted by the Master of Impressionism.


The introductory section of our exhibitions has always been intended for making the visitors’ experience more fascinating and interactive. Technology becomes an entertaining and didactic instrument. Tablets, monitors, video-projections, as well as reproductions and printings, mix their languages to offer the audience a great
opportunity to learn by having fun.


Captured by: CT Cross Media


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