Berengaria Hotel


The Berengaria Hotel, named after Queen Berengaria, the wife of Richard the Lionheart, is a historic hotel located in Limassol, Cyprus. Built in 1930 by a resident of Prodromos village, it quickly became the most luxurious hotel in Cyprus and a favorite destination of the royal and other titled guests. The hotel’s grandeur and elegance were unmatched, with local residents honored to supply the kitchen with food, and winemakers competing for the right to have their wine served at the royal table. In its heyday during the mid-twentieth century, the hotel was a bustling hub of activity, attracting hundreds of European visitors seeking a reprieve from the hot beaches of the island. Today, the hotel still stands as a testament to its former glory, with the stairs and halls preserving its majestic aura. Despite its decline in later years, the Berengaria Hotel remains a treasured landmark in Cyprus, with its legacy and legends continuing to captivate visitors from around the world.

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