Berengaria Hotel

Once, the Berengaria Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in Cyprus, a royal one in the full meaning of the word. Even its name reveals luxury, a name given to the hotel in honor of Queen Berengaria, wife of Richard the Lionheart, who was married in the Limassol castle.

Local residents were honored to supply foods to the kitchen of the hotel, and winemakers competed for the right to submit their nectar to the royal table. After all, the hotel served as a haven for the royal and other titled guests.

Here, they used to go down to dinner in velvet gloves, and the stairs and halls still keep the hotel’s former greatness. It seems that we are talking about the “Titanic”, which sank in the deep sea, but its legends are still alive. So what caused the “flood” of this magnificent mountain hotel?

Its owner – a resident of Prodromos village – built it in 1930. “Berengaria” was the first major hotel in Cyprus. Realizing that holidays in the mountains was gaining popularity among the English, he gathered the available funds, borrowed some money from friends and invested in the construction of a luxury hotel that was developing quickly.

In the middle of the twentieth century (50’s-70’s) Berengaria hotel was at its peak. Locals came here for the weekend, and hundreds of Europeans fled here from the hot beaches of the island.

Captured by: Qbeetec


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