National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum: Spiro and the Native American Art of the Mississippian World Exhibit


Captured By: 3D Scans Plus

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City is home to the Spiro and the Native American Art of the Mississippian World Exhibit, which features art and artifacts from the Mississippian culture (8001600 CE). This exhibit includes pottery, carved stone, and shell art from the Spiro Mounds, a major Mississippian site in eastern Oklahoma. The Spiro people were skilled artists and craftspeople, and their work reflects the cosmology and beliefs of the Mississippian world. The exhibit also includes a recreation of a Spiro burial mound, which was used to bury the dead and house the spirits of the ancestors. The Spiro people believed that the afterlife was a continuation of life on earth and that the spirits of the dead could help the living through their dreams and visions. The exhibit is a fascinating glimpse into the culture and art of the Mississippian people, and the role that art played in their lives.


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