Castle “Ter Lede”

So-called “Kasteel Ter Lede” in the surrounding park located between the railway line Ghent-Antwerp and the Spoorwegstraat. Brick and stone castle with eclectic impact built in 1887 and originally owned by the Coget de la Kethulle family, later from the Morel de Westgaver family. Dated “Anno 1887” on a facing brick in the left stepped gable. Castle with double house curb, three bays wide and two stories on the basement, under the mansard roof (slate). Frontage with protruding angular ramparts delimited by corner pilasters. Savings field of left risalite ending on round arch inscribed in a stepped gable with shoulder pieces. A partially wood-built bay window on the ground floor with iron balcony railing. A whitewashed neoclassical porch on slender corner columns in the middle of the façade with a fan-shaped curved stairway, a wide mainframe with a balustrade in front of the terrace above. Right rear corner developed into a rectangular corner tower under a steep hip roof. Hard stone frames, flat tires, and circumferential frames and cordons.

Coach house and staff house housed in a picturesque brick building under a corrugated slate gable roof centered by a small wooden lantern. Corner house with the attic floor on a high basement illuminated by small barred arc windows. Spacious round arch window in both gables. Round-arched entrance door in the octagonal tower with bell-shaped slate tower helmet against the right side wall, accessible via a steep step ladder (11 steps). Round arch gate to the left of a slightly protruding middle ressault with round arch door under the roof overhang. A climbing roof window and an oeil de boeuf in the front roof shield. ( Captured by:


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