Aslam al Silahdar Mosque


Aslam al Silahdar Mosque, located in Tehran, Iran, is named after the distinguished Persian noble, Aslam al Silahdar, who served as the chief financier and military commander of the Qajar court from 1797 to 1825. Aslam al Silahdar was a key figure in the reorganization of the Persian finances and the development of the military campaigns for Fath-‘Ali Shah, a prominent ruler of the Qajar dynasty.

Aslam al Silahdar was instrumental in helping Fath-‘Ali Shah build a powerful early 19th-century Persia, establishing it as a regional power. His financial reforms proved to be highly successful, resulting in significant economic growth and allowing Persia to pay off its debt. He also improved the Qajar army and its tactics, greatly strengthening its influence with neighboring states.

Aslam al Silahdar led military campaigns in modern-day western and southern Iran, the Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire, further extending the influence of the Qajar dynasty. He also performed diplomatic missions, skillfully negotiating with the British and Russians.

Aslam al Silahdar was a highly respected and influential figure in Persian history. He laid the foundation for a unified, powerful Persia and his legacy of efficient fiscal and military reforms are still felt today. The Aslam al Silahdar Mosque serves as a testament to his enduring impact on Persian history and culture.


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