Franklin Historical Museum

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The Franklin Historical Museum was founded in 1972 and is devoted to the collection and preservation of the history of Franklin, Massachusetts. In May of 2010, we moved into our new building at 80 West Central Street, the former Senior Center and originally the first Town Hall. The museum includes a collection of roughly 4000 artifacts including projectile points used by the Native North Americans that inhabited this region hundreds of years ago, wedding dresses used by Franklin residents from as long ago as 1893, a tribute to Horace Mann, a Veteran’s display, pictures and items from Franklin’s many schools over the years, and hundreds of other historical items from the last 300 years, all vital to the study of Franklin history. In addition to our collections, we also have several research projects ongoing including identifying veterans from our vast library of veteran photographs, posting the Civil War veterans research by Franklin High School students, transcription of the 19th century Wadsworth Diaries, and Mary Wiggin’s diary. (Franklin Historical Museum)


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