Captred by: Infofed

INVESTORY or its full name the Investment Discovery Museum is established as a finance-and-investment-learning center for the public particularly younger generation to gain interest in financial planning, find inspiration to start investing, and realize the importance of the capital market and the function of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The museum is located in the basement of SET Building, covering an area of 1,260 square meters.

INVESTORY presents knowledge by using a storyline with animated characters called Money Monsters as financial enemies and SET Heroes as experts on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and derivatives. Audiences will enjoy their learning with multimedia tools, stimulating them to be aware of common financial problems and eager to make a financial plan and invest in different types of channel so that they can achieve their financial target finally.

In addition, INVESTORY employs cutting-edge technology and multimedia resources to enliven every story with interactive impacts on audiences and entice them into an actual practice (interactive self-discovery) with joy of learning in every step they take.



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