The Rocks, New South Wales


The Rocks, New South Wales

The Rocks is an urban locality, tourist precinct and historic area of Sydney’s city centre, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, immediately north-west of the Sydney central business district. (Wikipedia)

The movement of peoples / Colonial Sydney

This website is designed to help you understand the History topic ‘The movement of peoples’, and site study skills. For the 2020 Syllabus, it also provides in-depth study of the major features of a particular time period and place in a modern society, that is the colonial transportation period from 1788-1863 in Sydney Australia. The site explains key features of this time period, sequencing major events to show an understanding of continuity, change and causation, and explaining how people of the past were influenced by different values, attitudes and motives.

The Rocks Site Study

What is a site study?

A site study is an inquiry-based examination of an historically significant location. Site studies may include an investigation of the local area, or a visit to an archaeological site, museum, an Aboriginal site, a specific building, a monument, a local area, an open-air museum or a virtual site available through ICT. You are doing a site study through a virtual site. Click the virtual tour tab above to learn more about The Rocks and its connections with some characters from the colonial transportation period.

Some examples of Site Studies include:

  • Aboriginal sites
  • archaeological sites
  • cemeteries
  • heritage buildings
  • houses
  • memorials
  • monuments
  • museums
  • statues
  • streets and streetscapes
  • suburbs, towns, villages
  • virtual sites


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