Wooden Church: Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Assumption of the Virgin (Adormirea Maicii Domnului) Wooden Church, Chisinau

Assumption of the Virgin (Adormirea Maicii Domnului) Church, Chisinau

Biserica Adormirii Maicii Domnului is the oldest wooden church in the country, built from Calarasi Moldovan woodland oak trees. The church was founded by the freeholders of Hiriseni in 1642 in the courtyard of another monastery, Harjauca.

In 1821, when the monastery moved, the church was transferred on the territory of Hiriseni village, Telenesti, where it served the inhabitants until 1928 when a stone church was built. Afterwards, the church was forgotten and abandoned, transformed into a cemetery chapel. But the wooden church managed to survive, except for the roof and the steeple which succumbed to their age. Finally, in 2010, the church was dismantled and reassembled in Chisinau. It is the only wooden church in Moldova that keeps its classical medieval Moldovan architecture. It is the tallest wooden church in the country and contains about 85% of the original church beams. The iconostasis was also largely preserved, with stately icons dating back to the XVIII century.

Chisinau bd. Dacia, immediate outside city limits, on the territory of Village Museum

GSM: (+373) (0)60 069 707

Email: bisericamedievala@yahoo.com (Moldova)

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